New Linkage Grant 2014

New Linkage Grant 2014
Per Setterlund

Australian Research Council - National Competitive Grants Program
From "Summary of Successful Linkage Projects Proposals for Funding Commencing in 2014":

Setterlund, Prof Per B; Thickett, Dr Stuart C; Brinkhuis, Dr Richard
2014  $ 54,241.50
2015  $109,394.50
2016  $111,215.00
2017  $ 56,062.00
Total  $330,913.00

Partner Organisation:  Nuplex Industries (AUST) Pty Ltd

Project Summary
The commercial and practical importance of coatings (paints) in today’s society can hardly be overstated. With the ongoing drive towards more environmentally friendly coating systems, there is a strong desire to replace traditionally employed solvent-based coatings with entirely waterborne systems. Waterborne coatings are a key measure by which the coating industry can meet requirements to reduce emission of volatile organic compounds. However, maximum performance cannot be achieved currently using waterborne coatings, which in turn limits applications. The overall aim of this project is to develop environmentally friendly high-performance waterborne coatings that will enable replacement of currently employed solvent-based systems.