CAMD Alumni

CAMD Alumni







Ali Bagheri

 PhD 2018


Sri Augustina

 PhD 2018


Kenward Jung

 PhD 2018


Haiwang Lai

 PhD 2018


Mingxia Lu (Mia)

 PhD 2018


Dr Chin Ken Wong (Ken)

 PhD 2018


Dr Jonathan Yeow 

 PhD 2018


Dr Neomy Zaquen

 Postdoc 2017 - 2018


Dr Florent Jasinski

 Postdoc 2015 - 2018


Dr Fan Chen (Charles)

 PhD 2018


Dr Rhiannon Batchelor

 PhD 2018


Dr Fumi Ishizuka

 PhD 2018


Dr Noor Hadzuin Nik Hadzir (Awin)

 PhD 2018


Dr Nik Nik Mohd Adnan

 PhD 2018




 Dr Thuy Khanh Nguyen

 PhD 2017


 Dr Sivaprakash Shanmugam

 PhD 2017




 Dr Kawai Fan

 PhD 2016


 Dr Diep Nguyen

 PhD 2016


 Dr Alice Du

 PhD 2016


 Dr Manuela Callari

 PhD 2016


 Dr Antoine Tardy

 Postdoc 2015 - 2016


 Dr JiaCheng Zhao

 PhD 2016


 YuJian Zhai

 ME 2016


 Narasinga Rao Hanumanth Rao   (Naras)

 ME 2016


 Dr Changkui Fu

 Postdoc 2015 - 2016


 Dr Yanyan Jiang

 PhD 2016

Drug Delivery Vehicles Based on Albumin-polymer Conjugation for Cancer Therapeutics

 Johnny Lim

 ME 2016


 Odilia Rosalin Sugita

 Research Assistant 2016






 Thi Nguyen (Anna)

Research Assistant 2015


 Dr Yan Jin (Joey) 

PhD 2015 

Surface Modification of Optical Fibers and Waveguides for Creating Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensors
 Dr Siming Dong (Sam) 

PhD 2015 

Radical Polymerizations in Dispersed Systems

 Dr Yicheng Zhu (Mike)

PhD 2015

Thermoresponsive Polymers with Aqueous LCST and/or UCST through Postpolymerization Modification

 Dr Stuart Thickett

Research Fellow 2012-2015


 Dr Peter Roth

Research Fellow 2010-2015


 Dr Krzystof Babiuch

Postdoc 2013 - 2015






 Dr Hien Duong

Postdoc 2010 - 2014


 Dr Robert Utama

PhD 2014

Synthesis of Nanocapsules via RAFT Polymerisation and Inverse Miniemulsion Polymerisation

 Dr Solomon Le-Masurier

PhD 2014

Polydopamine coated substrates as scaffolds

 Dr Yusuke Sugihara

PhD 2014

Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization in Miniemulsion

 Dr Yang (Daniel) Li

PhD 2014

New polymers for bio-imaging application

 Dr Bianca Blunden

PhD 2014

Ruthenium Complexes Attached to Polymers as Anticancer Agents

 Dr Wei Scarano

PhD 2014

Synthesis and characterization of core-shell particles

 Dr Alyse Harvison

PhD 2014

Thiol-based Click Chemstry and (co)polymer functionalisation

 Sri Agustina

ME 2014

Synthesis and characterisation of polymeric carriers

 Dr Johannes Van Hensbergen

PhD 2014

Complex Macromolecular Architectures via ROMP

 Dr Jing Yang Quek

PhD 2014

Amidine and gadolinium containing polymers in nanomedicine

 Dr Siti Hajjar Che Man

PhD 2014

Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization in Miniemulsion via The Emulsion Inversion Point Method

 Dr Yong Chen

PhD 2014

Synthesis of Glycopolymers via post functionalization







 Dr Russell Yap

PhD 2013

Polymer-Coated Bubbles in Dissolved Air Flotation for Processing Algae-Laden Water

 Dr Xuechao Liu

Postdoc 2012 - 2013

New approaches to self-directed assembly and vesicle formation

 Dr Siqing Cheng

Postdoc 2011 - 2013


 John Rondolo

ME 2013

Synthesis of new “smart” hybrid inorganic/organic nanomaterials for nanomedicine applications

 Dr Da Wei David Pu

PhD 2013

Nitroxide-mediated polymerisation of CO2-expanded methyl methacrylate using nitroxides TEMPO and SG1

 Dr Mariana Beija

Postdoc 2011 - 2013

New polymers for imaging applications

 Dr Samuel Pearson

PhD 2013

The Synthesis of Glycopolymers for Advanced Biomedical Applications

 Dr Meina Liu

Postdoc 2011 - 2013

Organic-Inorganic Hybrids via a Combination of Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerisation, Thiol-Ene Click Chemistry and Sol-Gel Reactions







 Dr Khairil Juhanni Abd Karim

PhD 2012

Polymeric Platinum Drug for Cancer Treatment

 Dr Sandra Binauld

Postdoc 2010 - 2012

Triggering the release of polymer bound platinum drugs

 Dr Mohd Firdaus bin Yhaya

PhD 2012

The Synthesis of Polymers with Pendant Cyclodextrin Moieties for Novel Drug Carriers

 Dr The Vien Huynh

PhD 2012

Synthesis of polymeric platinum complexes for anti-cancer drug delivery

 Dr Yoseop Kim

PhD 2012

Core-shell drug delivery system for Albendazole

 Dr Alexander H. Soeriyadi

PhD 2012

Establishing in-depth understanding of molecular degradation process in acrylic based polymer coil-coating for domestic roofing applications

 Teddy Chang

ME 2012


 Dr Jinna Liu

PhD 2012

Synthesis of homopolymer-PEG

 Dr Yi Guo (Adrian)

PhD 2012

Nitroxide-mediated radical polymerization in aqueous miniemulsion

 Dr Sema Sevimli

PhD 2012

Cholesterol Conjugated Polymers







 Dr Jatin Kumar

PhD 2011

Complex Macromolecular Architectures via Living Free Radical Polymerisation and Click Chemistry

 Dr Simon Ting

PostDoc 2008 - 2011

Miniemulsion polymerisation by RAFT

 Dr Jiangtao Xu

PostDoc 2008 -2011

Polymer-Glycopeptide Conjugate by RAFT

 Dr Xin Huang

PostDoc 2009 - 2011

siRNA delivery

 Dr Andrew Gregory

Postdoc 2008 - 2011


 Dr Wenfang Gu

PhD 2011

Synthesis of hollow particles for drug delivery

 Dr Edgar Wong

PhD 2011

The Development of Novel Radical Polymerization Protocols Using Nitrone Spin Traps

 Dr Roger Liang

Postdoc 2011

Developing Delivery Systems for Albendazole towards Cancer Treatment

CAMD Alumni