Awards to CAMD Researchers

Awards to CAMD Researchers

RACI Polymer Division citation Prof Martina Stenzel
ATA Scientific Travel Award Bianca M. Blunden
Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Award Dr Cyrille Boyer

Australian Mining Awards - Excellence in Environmental Management Dr Michael Whittaker
242nd ACS National Meeting /Controlled Radical Polymerization - Best Poster Dr Cyrille Boyer
IChemE JCEC Postgraduate Symposium -Best Oral presentation Alexander Soeriyadi

At the 2011 Sydney International Nanomedicine Conference:
Excellence in Nanomedicine Research Awards
NSW Government Trade and Investment EC Award - Poster Dr Simon Ting
CCIA Early Career Researcher Award - Oral Dr Hien Duong
CCIA Early Career Researcher Award - Poster Dr Mariana Beija

32 APS Treloar Prize - Poster Vien T. Huynh
Le Fèvre Memorial Prize of the Australian Academy of Science A/Prof Martina Stenzel

At the 2010 Sydney International Nanomedicine Conference
NSW Office for Science and Medical Research Award for Excellence in Nanomedicine Research
Early Career Researcher - Oral Presentation Dr Peter Roth
PhD Student - Oral Presentation Vien T. Huynh

UNSW Engineering Research Staff Excellence Award A/Prof Martina Stenzel
Caltex Award of Excellence in Chemical Engineering Education Prof Robert Burford
ARC Future Fellowship (2009-2013) A/Prof Martina Stenzel
Doctor of Pharmacy Dr Istvan Jacenyik

RACI Polymer Division Sangster Award A/Prof Martina Stenzel
RACI Applied Research Medal Prof. Robert Burford
UNSW Engineering Academic Fellowship Dr Anthony Granville
UNSW Engineering Staff Excellence Award Istvan Jacenyik

Cosmos Bright Sparks Award Prof Christopher Barner-Kowollik
UNSW Faculty of Engineering Research Excellence Award Prof Christopher Barner-Kowollik

Treloar Prize (Poster) Kok Hou Wong
CSIRO Corporate Award (Lookout! Award) Prof Tom Davis, Dr Richard Evans, Dr Lachlan Yee, Georgina Such
Finalists Australian Museum Eureka Prizes People's Choice Award Prof Christopher Barner-Kowollik, Dr Martina Stenzel

CRC Chairman's Award Prof Tom Davis
Edgeworth David Medal Royal Society of NSW A/Prof Christopher Barner-Kowollik

Australian Research Council Early Career Researcher Award Dr Martina Stenzel
Rennie Memorial Medal Dr Christopher Barner-Kowollik
HG Smith Memorial Medal Prof Tom Davis
Treloar Prize (Oral) Georgina Such
Treloar Prize (Poster) Raymond Joso

Treloar Prize (Oral) Andrew Ah Toy
RACI Polymer Division Citation Prof Tom Davis

CRC Prize Simon Angus

Treloar Prize (Oral) Simon Harrisson
IUPAC Young Scientist Award Dr Michelle Coote

ESSO Award Prof Tom Davis
Cornforth Medal Dr Michelle Coote

Treloar Prize (Oral) Lachlan Yee

Treloar Prize (Oral) Hans Heuts

Treloar Prize (Poster) Dax Kukulj
Treloar Prize (Oral) Emma Furness

Treloar Prize (Poster) Mike Zammit
CRC Prize (Runner-up) Emma Furness
RACI Award Emma Furness

CAMD Awards

Centre Spirit Award renamed as The Maribel Award
2010 Andrew Gregory and Khairil Juhanni Abd Karim
2009 Andrew Gregory and Sam Pearson
2008 Andrew Gregory and Uyen Nguyen
2005-7 Maribel Hernandez-Guerrero

Best Manuscript Award
2007 Gene Hart-Smith
2006 Zachary Szablan
2005 Hugh Chaffey-Millar

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