Future Students

Postgraduate Research at CAMD

PhD and Master Candidates in CAMD are members of an active research community.
Our students are part of an exciting research network with a focus on synthesis of polymers for a range of applications such as health, advanced materials, the environment and energy.
CAMD is dedicated to fostering the professional development of our postgraduate researchers (PGR).
PGR will have access to a range of exciting opportunities that are part of the University research training
but also to more specific events in the field of polymers. Our students form a tight-knit community that also enjoys social events together. Fostering relationships and mentoring within CAMD is one of our key trademarks.

We invite students who did well in their undergraduate program to apply for PhD positions. Please contact your potential CAMD supervisor of your choice directly for information.*
(* please do not contact several CAMD supervisors at the same time. This causes unnecessary administrative burden.)


UNSW assists postgraduate researchers by providing a wide range of prestigious scholarships. These scholarships range from annual stipends, living allowances and tuition fee costs, to travel scholarships and supplements.
Scholarships are available to support current and new postgraduate research candidates at UNSW. Please visit the graduate research school for more information:

Domestic students

  1. UNSW provides a range of scholarships for domestic students (Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or New Zealand citizens).
    Prerequisite for this scholarship is either Honours Class 1 or students who have gained research experience. http://research.unsw.edu.au/domestic-research-scholarships-eligibility
    UNSW provides various scholarships, which are remunerated with up to $35,000/year (tax free) for students with exceptional research potential. http://research.unsw.edu.au/domestic-research-candidate-scholarships
  2. Alternatively, CAMD academics may have PhD scholarships available. Please enquire.

International students

  1. UNSW provides a range of scholarships:
    International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
    University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA)
    Tuition Fee Scholarship (TFS) plus a Faculty Research Stipend
    Tuition Fee Scholarship (TFS) (the supervisor needs to provide a Stipend, please enquire with CAMD academics about this)
    Other scholarships
  2. A range of other scholarships are available that are either sponsored by the Australian government or the home country.
    A list of scholarships can be found here:http://research.unsw.edu.au/international-research-candidate-scholarships