The Cluster for Advanced Macromolecular Design (CAMD) is one of the leading polymer research centres in Australia. While a large proportion of the research is focused on academic outcomes, the centre has always had strong interactions with industry. This spans from ARC Linkage projects with several Australian and international companies or large CRC for Polymers projects to simply providing quick polymer characterization.

Long-term collaborations

The skill set in CAMD ranges from advanced polymer synthesis to the development of polymer-based formulations for medicine, food and agriculture. The Australian government provides financial support for long-term collaborations, which include ARC (Australian Research Council) funded projects or NSW government trade and investment grants.

Short term projects and consulting

CAMD can assist in testing ideas or providing expert advice. Industry can draw from the expertise of CAMD researchers to carry out quick feasibility studies. Companies have not only access to the expertise, but also to a well-equipped lab and state of the art research facilities.

Industry use of CAMD facilities

For fast molecular weight measurement, spectroscopic analysis and particle size measurements or other analysis, please contact Eh Hau Pan ( for further information and fee structure.