Prof Rose Amal (Chemical Engineering) - Boyer, Zetterlund, Thickett
Prof Naresh Kumar (Chemistry) - Boyer
Prof John Whitelock (Biomedical Engineering) - Stenzel
Prof Laura Poole-Warren (Biomedical Engineering) - Stenzel, Granville
Dr Megan Lord (Biomedical Engineering) - Stenzel, Thickett
Dr Yun Hau Ng (Chemical Engineering) - Thickett, Zetterlund
Dr Nicolas Barraud (BABS) - Boyer
Dr Robert Taylor (Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering) - Stenzel
Dr Penny Martens (Biomedical Engineering) - Granville
Dr Rylie Green (Biomedical Engineering) - Granville
Dr Rita Henderson (UNSW Water Research Centre) - Thickett, Granville
Dr Renee Wan (Biomedical Imaging Facility) - Boyer
A/Prof Francois Ladouceur (EE&T) - Granville

Prof Andrew Harris (University of Sydney) - Thickett
Prof Paul de Souza (Ingham Institute) - Stenzel
Prof Paul Dastoor (University of Newcastle) - Zetterlund/Lucien
A/Prof Brian Hawkett (University of Sydney) - Zetterlund
Dr Kristopher Thurecht (UQ) - Stenzel
Dr Annette Dexter (AIBN- UQ) - Boyer
Dr Chiara Neto (University of Sydney) - Thickett
Dr Margaret Sunde (University of Sydney) - Thickett
Prof David Morris (St George Hospital) - Stenzel


Prof Shigeru Yamago (Kyoto University, Japan) - Zetterlund
Prof Rachel O’Reilly (University of Warwick, United Kingdom) - Zetterlund/Thickett
Prof  David Haddleton (University of Warwick, UK) - Boyer/Zetterlund
Prof Jerome Claverie (Uni of Québec at Montréal, Canada) - Zetterlund/Lucien
Prof H.-U. Moritz (University of Hamburg, Germany) - Roth
Prof Tanja Weil (Ulm, Germany) - Stenzel
Prof Laurent Fontaine (University du Mans, France) - Boyer
Prof Filip Du Prez (University of Ghent, Belgium) - Stenzel
Prof Christopher Barner-Kowollik (KIT, Germany) - Stenzel
Prof Philipp Vana (Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany) - Stenzel
Prof Laurent Billon (Pau, France) - Stenzel
A/Prof Nicolay Tsarevsky (Southern Methodist University, USA) - Zetterlund, Boyer
Dr Fawaz Aldabbagh (National University of Ireland, Galway) - Zetterlund
Dr Sophie Laurent (University of Mons, Belgium) - Boyer
Julia San Ramon (Madrid, Spain) - Stenzel
A/Prof Atsushi Kajiwara (Nara Uni. of Education, Japan) - Zetterlund/Thickett
Prof B. Boutevin and Dr Ghislain David (Uni. of Montpellier II, France) - Boyer

Otsuka Chemical Company (Japan) - Zetterlund
Nuplex Industries (Australia) -  Zetterlund/Thickett
Henkel (Ireland) - Zetterlund
Nubian Water Systems - Thickett
Advanced Simplicity Ltd - Granville