2015 Publications

2015 Publications


C. K. Wong, A. J. Laos, A. H. Soeriyadi, J. Wiedenmann, P. M. G. Curmi, J. J. Gooding, C. P. Marquis, M. H. Stenzel, P. Thordarson, Polymersomes Prepared from Thermoresponsive Fluorescent Protein-Polymer Bioconjugates: Capture of and Report on Drug and Protein Payloads, Angew. Chem.-Inter. Ed.2015, 54, 5317-5322. 


J. Zhao, J. Lalevee, H. Lu, R. MacQueen, S. H. Kable, T. W. Schmidt, M. H. Stenzel, P. Xiao, A new role of curcumin: as a multicolor photoinitiator for polymer fabrication under household UV to red LED bulbs, Polym. Chem.2015, 6, 5053-5061.


P. Xiao, J. Lalevee, J. Zhao, M. H. Stenzel, N-Vinylcarbazole as Versatile Photoinaddimer of Photopolymerization under Household UV LED Bulb (392 nm), Macromol. Rapid Commun.2015, 36, 1675-1680.


W. Scarano, P. de Souza, M. H. Stenzel, Dual-drug delivery of curcumin and platinum drugs in polymeric micelles enhances the synergistic effects: a double act for the treatment of multidrug-resistant cancer, Biomater. Sci.2015, 3, 163-174.


S. Pearson, D. Vitucci, Y. Y. Khine, A. Dag, H. Lu, M. Save, L. Billon, M. H. Stenzel, Light-responsive azobenzene-based glycopolymer micelles for targeted drug delivery to melanoma cells, Eur. Polym. J.2015, 69, 616-627.


S. Pearson, H. Lu, M. H. Stenzel, Glycopolymer Self-Assemblies with Gold(I) Cornplexed to the Core as a Delivery System for Auranofin, Macromolecules2015, 48, 1065-1076.


L. Noorani, M. Stenzel, R. Liang, M. H. Pourgholami, D. L. Morris, Albumin nanoparticles increase the anticancer efficacy of albendazole in ovarian cancer xenograft model, J. Nanobiotech.2015, 13.


H. Lu, R. H. Utama, U. Kitiyotsawat, K. Babiuch, Y. Jiang, M. H. Stenzel, Enhanced transcellular penetration and drug delivery by crosslinked polymeric micelles into pancreatic multicellular tumor spheroids, Biomater. Sci.2015, 3, 1085-1095.


Y. Y. Khine, Y. Jiang, A. Dag, H. Lu, M. H. Stenzel, Dual-Responsive pH and Temperature Sensitive Nanoparticles Based on Methacrylic Acid and Di(ethylene glycol) Methyl Ether Methacrylate for the Triggered Release of Drugs, Macromol. Bioscience2015, 15, 1091-1104.


Y. Jiang, C. K. Wong, M. H. Stenzel, An Oligonucleotide Transfection Vector Based on HSA and PDMAEMA Conjugation: Effect of Polymer Molecular Weight on Cell Proliferation and on Multicellular Tumor Spheroids, Macromol. Bioscience2015, 15, 965-978.


J. Eliezar, W. Scarano, N. R. B. Boase, K. J. Thurecht, M. H. Stenzel, In Vivo Evaluation of Folate Decorated Cross-Linked Micelles for the Delivery of Platinum Anticancer Drugs, Biomacromolecules2015, 16, 515-523.


A. W. Du, H. Lu, M. H. Stenzel, Core-Cross-Linking Accelerates Antitumor Activities of Paclitaxel-Conjugate Micelles to Prostate Multicellular Tumor Spheroids: A Comparison of 2D and 3D Models, Biomacromolecules2015, 16, 1470-1479.


A. Dag, J. Zhao, M. H. Stenzel, Origami with ABC Triblock Terpolymers Based on Glycopolymers: Creation of Virus-Like Morphologies, ACS Macro Letters2015, 4, 579-583. 


A. Dag, H. Lu, M. H. Stenzel, Controlling the morphology of glyco-nanoparticles in water using block copolymer mixtures: the effect on cellular uptake, Polym. Chem.2015, 6, 7812-7820.


A. Dag, Y. Jiang, K. J. Abd Karim, G. Hart-Smith, W. Scarano, M. H. Stenzel, Polymer-Albumin Conjugate for the Facilitated Delivery of Macromolecular Platinum Drugs, Macromol Rapid Commun.2015, 36, 890-897.


Y. Chen, M. S. Lord, A. Piloni, M. H. Stenzel, Correlation between Molecular Weight and Branch Structure of Glycopolymers Stars and Their Binding to Lectins, Macromolecules2015, 48, 346-357. 


B. M. Blunden, M. H. Stenzel, Incorporating ruthenium into advanced drug delivery carriers-an innovative generation of chemotherapeutics, J. Chem. Tech. Biotech.2015, 90, 1177-1195.


K. Babiuch, A. Dag, J. Zhao, H. Lu, M. H. Stenzel, Carbohydrate-Specific Uptake of Fucosylated Polymeric Micelles by Different Cancer Cell Lines, Biomacromolecules2015, 16, 1948-1957.


Organo- photocatalysts for photoinduced electron transfer-reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (PET-RAFT) polymerization
Xu, Jiangtao; Shanmugam, Sivaprakash; Duong, Hien T.; Boyer, Cyrille
Polymer Chemistry (2015), 6(31), 5615-5624.


Utilizing the electron transfer mechanism of chlorophyll a under light for controlled radical polymerization
Shanmugam, Sivaprakash; Xu, Jiangtao; Boyer, Cyrille
Chemical Science (2015), 6(2), 1341-1349. 


Nanoparticles Based on Star Polymers as Theranostic Vectors: Endosomal-​Triggered Drug Release Combined with MRI Sensitivity
Li, Yang; Duong, Hien T. T.; Laurent, Sophie; MacMillan, Alexandre; Whan, Renee Megan; Vander Elst, Luce; Muller, Robert N.; Hu, Jinming; Lowe, Andrew; Boyer, Cyrille; et al
Advanced Healthcare Materials (2015), 4(1), 148-156.


The use of nanoparticles to deliver nitric oxide to hepatic stellate cells for treating liver fibrosis and portal hypertension
Duong, Hien T. T.; Dong, Zhixia; Su, Lin; Boyer, Cyrille; George, Jacob; Davis, Thomas P.; Wang, Jianhua Small (2015), 11(19), 2291-2304


Visible Light Photocatalytic Thiol-​Ene Reaction: An Elegant Approach for Fast Polymer Postfunctionalization and Step-​Growth Polymerization
Xu, Jiangtao; Boyer, Cyrille
Macromolecules (Washington, DC, United States) (2015), 48(3), 520-529


Catalyst-​free visible light-​induced raft photopolymerization
Xu, Jiangtao; Shanmugam, Sivaprakash; Corrigan, Nathaniel Alan; Boyer, Cyrille
ACS Symposium Series (2015), 1187(Controlled Radical Polymerization), 247-267.


Inhalable curcumin formulations: Micronization and bioassay
Kurniawansyah, Firman; Duong, Hien T. T.; Luu, Thai Danh; Mammucari, Raffaella; Vittorio, Orazio; Boyer, Cyrille; Foster, Neil
Chemical Engineering Journal (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (2015), 279, 799-808.


Multi-​responsive polymers
Boyer, Cyrille; Hoogenboom, Richard
European Polymer Journal (2015), 69, 438-440


Exploiting Metalloporphyrins for Selective Living Radical Polymerization Tunable over Visible Wavelengths
Shanmugam, Sivaprakash; Xu, Jiangtao; Boyer, Cyrille
From Journal of the American Chemical Society (2015), 137(28), 9174-9185


Stereo-​, Temporal and Chemical Control through Photoactivation of Living Radical Polymerization: Synthesis of Block and Gradient Copolymers
Shanmugam, Sivaprakash; Boyer, Cyrille
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2015), 137(31), 9988-9999.


CO-​Releasing Polymers Exert Antimicrobial Activity
Nguyen, Diep; Nguyen, Thuy-Khanh; Rice, Scott A.; Boyer, Cyrille
Biomacromolecules (2015), 16(9), 2776-2786.  |  Language: English, Database: CAPLUS


Organic Electron Donor-​Acceptor Photoredox Catalysts: Enhanced Catalytic Efficiency toward Controlled Radical Polymerization
Xu, Jiangtao; Shanmugam, Sivaprakash; Boyer, Cyrille
ACS Macro Letters (2015), 4(9), 926-932. 


Polymerization-​Induced Self-​Assembly Using Visible Light Mediated Photoinduced Electron Transfer-​Reversible Addition-​Fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization
By Yeow, Jonathan; Xu, Jiangtao; Boyer, Cyrille
From ACS Macro Letters (2015), 4(9), 984-990.



Macromolecular and Inorganic Nanomaterials Scaffolds for Carbon Monoxide Delivery: Recent Developments and Future Trends
By Nguyen, Diep; Boyer, Cyrille
From ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering (2015), Ahead of Print


Micropatterned Surfaces for Atmospheric Water Condensation via Controlled Radical Polymerization and Thin Film Dewetting
Ian Wong,† Guo Hui Teo,†,‡ Chiara Neto,§ and Stuart C. Thickett*,†,‡


RAFT Inverse Miniemulsion Periphery Polymerization in Binary Solvent Mixtures for Synthesis of Nanocapsules
F. Ishizuka, R. H. Utama, S. Kim, M. H. Stenzel, and P. B. Zetterlund.
Eur. Polym. J. accepted


Fan, Ka Wai; Roberts, Justine J.; Martens, Penny J.; Stenzel, Martina H.; Granville, Anthony M. “Copolymerization of an indazole ligand into the self-polymerization of dopamine for enhanced binding with metal ions”. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2015, 3, 7457 – 7465.


Song, Wentao; Granville, Anthony M. “Surface Modification of Polydivinylbenzene Microspheres with a Fluorinated Glycopolymer using Thiol-Halogen Click Chemistry” Methods in Molecular Biology: Macro-Glycoligands – Methods and Protocols; Sun X-L. Ed.; Springer Publishing: 2015; Chapter 10.


Visible-Light-Regulated Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization in Miniemulsion
K. Jung, J. Xu, P. B. Zetterlund,* C. Boyer*
ACS Macro Letters, accepted

Synthesis of Crosslinked Polymeric Nanocapsules using Catanionic Vesicle Templates Stabilized by Compressed CO2
S. Dong, P. T. Spicer, F. P. Lucien, P. B. Zetterlund* Soft Matter, accepted

Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization in Dispersed Systems: An Update
Per B. Zetterlund,* Stuart C. Thickett, Sébastien Perrier, Elodie Bourgeat-Lami, Muriel Lansalot. Chemical Reviews, accepted.


Online SAXS Analysis of Shell Formation during Nanocapsule Synthesis via Inverse Miniemulsion Periphery RAFT Polymerization (IMEPP),
R. H. Utama, M. Dulle, S. Förster, M. H. Stenzel, P. B. Zetterlund, Macromol. Rapid Commun. accepted. 

Factors Influencing the Preparation of Hollow Polymer-Graphene Oxide Nanocapsules via Pickering Miniemulsion Polymerization, 
G. H. Teo, Y. H. Ng, P. B. Zetterlund, S. C. Thickett, Polymer, 2015, 63, 1-9.

Polymerization Induced Self-Assembly: Tuning of Nano-Object Morphology by Use of CO2,
S. Dong, W. Zhao, F. P. Lucien, S. Perrier, and P. B. Zetterlund, Polym. Chem. 2015, 6, 2249 - 2254.

An Innovative Approach to Implementation of Organotellurium-Mediated Radical Polymerization (TERP) in Emulsion Polymerization
Y. Sugihara, S. Yamago, P. B. Zetterlund
Macromolecules, accepted. 

RAFT Polymerization in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Based on an Induced Precipitation Approach: Synthesis of 2-Ethoxyethyl methacrylate/Acrylamide Block Copolymers
G. Hawkins, P. B. Zetterlund, F. Aldabbagh
J. Polym. Sci.; Part A: Polym. Chem. accepted.

Biocompatible Glycopolymer Nanocapsules via Inverse Miniemulsion Periphery RAFT Polymerization for the Delivery of Gemcitabine
R. H. Utama, Y. Jiang, P. B. Zetterlund, M. H. Stenzel
Biomacromolecules, accepted.

[10/15] Surface modification of polydopamine coated particles via glycopolymer brush synthesis for protein binding and FLIM testing
Polym. Chem. (2015) 6, 2504–2511
S. P. Le-Masurier, H. T. T. Duong, C. Boyer, A. M. Granville

RAFT-prepared α-Difunctional Poly(2-vinyl-4,4-dimethylazlactone)s and their Derivatives: Synthesis and Effect of End Groups on Inverse Aqueous Temperature Solubility
Polymer Chemistry (2015) 6 118-127
J. Y. Quek, X. Liu, T. P. Davis, P. J. Roth, A. B. Lowe

ROMP Synthesis of Novel Thermo, pH and Salt Responsive (Co)Polymers Containing the Morpholino Functional Group
Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry (2015) 53, 50-58
J. A. van Hensbergen, S. Ganda, P. J. Roth, R. P. Burford, A. B. Lowe

Multicomponent Isocyanide-based Synthesis of Reactive Styrenic and (Meth)acrylic Monomers and their RAFT (Co)polymerization
Polymer Chemistry (2015) 6, 44
S. Schmidt, M. Koldevitz, J.-M. Noy, P. J. Roth

Graphene Oxide (GO) Nanosheets as Oil-in-Water Emulsion Stabilizers: Influence of Oil Phase Polarity
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2015) 442, 67–74
S. C. Thickett, P. B. Zetterlund

RAFT Dispersion Polymerization in Nonpolar Media: Polymerization of 3‑Phenylpropyl Methacrylate in n‑Tetradecane with Poly(stearyl methacrylate) Homopolymers as Macro Chain Transfer Agents
Macromolecules dx.doi.org/10.1021/ma502230h
Y. Pei, L. Thurairajah, O. R. Sugita, A. B. Lowe

Thiol-reactive Functional Poly(meth)acrylates: Multicomponent Monomer Synthesis, RAFT (Co)polymerization and Highly Efficient Thiol–para-Fluoro Postpolymerization Modification
Polymer Chemistry (2015) 6, 436–447
J.-M. Noy, M. Koldevitz, P. J. Roth

Simultaneous ROMP and Titania Sol-Gel Reactions and a New Approach to Nanodispersed Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials
Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2015) 3, 693–702
J. A. van Hensbergen, M. Liu, R. P. Burford, A. B. Lowe

Nanoparticles Based on Star Polymers as Theranostic Vectors: Endosomal-Triggered Drug Release Combined with MRI Sensitivity
Adv. Healthcare Mater. (2015) 4, 148–156
Y. Li, H. T. T. Duong, S. Laurent, A. MacMillan, R. M. Whan, L. Vander Elst, R. N. Muller, J. Hu, A. Lowe , C. Boyer, T. P. Davis

pH-, thermo- and electrolyte-responsive polymer gels derived from a well-defined, RAFT-synthesized, poly(2-vinyl-4,4-dimethylazlactone) homopolymer via one-pot post-polymerization modification
European Polymer Journal (2015) 62, 204–213
Y. Pei, O. R. Sugita, J. Y. Quek, P. J. Roth, A. B. Lowe