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The Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design (CAMD)

is dedicated to the synthesis and application of polymers/polymeric nano-objects
using a wide range

of modern polymerization techniques.

A significant portion of CAMD’s activities are directed towards general and specific applications in the areas of advanced materials, as well as polymers for energy/environment and health/bio applications.

CAMD is a research centre within the Faculty of Engineering, UNSW Australia

Please follow the links below to explore our main research areas


Polymer Synthesis

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Advanced Materials

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Energy / Environment

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Polymers for Health

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See the latest articles recently accepted for publication, on the Research page

CAMD Seminar Series 2014
4:00pm on Wednesdays
in 320A - F10
(Chemical Sciences Bldg)

NEW! CAMD Lecture Series
See details of upcoming lectures

NEXT: Monday 14/04 1:00 pm
in M10 - Building F10
Professor Kathryn Uhrich
Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology - Rutgers, USA
Polymer Therapeutics: Polymers from Bioactives and as Bioactives

THEN: Monday 28/04
Professor Chao Gao
Department of Polymer Science and Engineering - Zhejiang University, China
Macroscopic Assembly of Graphene: Fibers, Membranes, and Aerogels

* Journal Advisory Boards *
Prof Martina Stenzel joins the Editorial Advisory Boards of
Polymer Chemistry and Journal of Materials Chemistry B 
(posted 25/02/14)
* Women in Engineering Scholarship *
Prestigious Scholarship to Rhiannon Batchelor
(posted 20/02/14)


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